IVF#1 Three Days Past Two Day Transfer – 3dp2dt

Today our babies become blastocysts!! This is the last stage of development before they hatch and start implanting! This is what our babies look like today:

Tonight is when they will start hatching!! To me that is such a weird concept! I took many biology and anatomy courses and I guess I missed the memo that our eggs actually “hatch”. It’s just not something that you think about! I have learned so much through this process! Here is a picture of a blastocyst hatching:

My mom lit a candle for the babies at church today. The next few days are the most important in this process, so if you have a moment to pray or send positive thoughts our way please do so. Whether or not the babies will implant is the key to whether or not we will welcome then into this world next February! I am still convinced they are both going to implant and that they are both boys. Maybe it’s mother’s intuition? Is it too early for that?

This whole process has changed me for the better. It has had a profoundly positive impact on our marriage as well. Infertility is incredibly difficult and many couples do not survive. I had no false notions that it wouldn’t be stressful on our relationship. The past year has been trying. Watching Chris process the very real possibility of never becoming a father was heartbreaking. However it was never an option in my mind not to do everything in my power to do my best to make his dream a reality. Standing by him and helping him through this has brought us closer together than I could have imagined. We are so lucky to have each other. This has made us stronger as individuals and as a family. It has made us appreciate our families more and look at life differently. I have a new found appreciation and love for my mother and mother-in-law. I have been able to see my husband in a different light. The best things are worth fighting for and I hope that our children will one day realize just how much we went through to bring them into this world!

This is a running joke with us!

On another note, I have always had vivid dreams and I had a very vivid dream that I used the restroom and (TMI alert) there was a lot of blood and clots. And I knew that the babies didn’t make it. I woke up in a sweat and that was the first time a tiny bit of doubt crept into my mind about this process working. It was the first time that I felt it might not work. I ended up falling asleep again and upon waking I was back to feeling positive and hopeful.

Implantation will occur in the next few days and some women experience implantation bleeding, which is just some spotting when the babies burrow themselves into their new home. I am hoping I am one of those women! I will feel even more confident if I see some spotting in the next few days! Until then I have been trying to be a bit more active to help get my blood flowing. I mowed part of the yard this morning and have helped do some landscaping. We may go shopping again later or go to a movie. I haven’t felt the need to distract myself during the 2WW like I thought I would! We have been laughing and having a good time!

Side note: All the animals have been exceptionally loving recently. To both Chris and I. Maybe that’s a sign? Also it’s so sweet, Chris has kissed my belly every night to kiss the babies good night! Maybe that will help them stick!

Side Effects/Symptoms: Fatigue, constipation, vivid dreams and dizziness

Sticky baby dust to everyone!!!


2 responses to “IVF#1 Three Days Past Two Day Transfer – 3dp2dt

  1. What a wonderfully positive outlook you have – I truly wish you all the very best and hope those babies implant! You can’t knock mother’s intuition! xx

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