IVF#1 Two Days Past Two Day Transfer – 2dp2dt

We are now 2dp2dt and our babies are now 4 days past fertilization. Our babies are now morulas. This is the stage before blastocyst. Once they become blastocysts, they will attach and implant! Then it’s just a waiting game until there is enough HCG to be detected on a beta test. Since our babies were already overachievers 48 hours after fertilization they may already be blastocysts! If on track they should start hatching tomorrow night!

I am officially off of bedrest. I slept well last night despite the worst Progesterone In Oil (PIO) shot to date. It was painful during the entire injection and then it burned and stung for hours after. When I woke up this morning it was still sore and it has bruised now. Luckily there is not bump or lump, just soreness.

When I got up we talked about going to the zoo, but were afraid that might be too much for me. The PIO has me extremely tired all the time. If I sit down and close my eyes for a few minutes I am OUT.  We decided to go next weekend when I might be more up to it. I got to take my first shower since transfer and for a few minutes I forgot that it wasn’t supposed to be hot like I like it! I hope I didn’t do any damage! I finished taking my luke warm shower while Chris got the SUV oil changed.

We then took a trip to Walmart. We wanted to window shop baby items! We saw the cutest little onesie that said “Daddy and I agree..Mommy’s the Boss!” I totally wanted to go ahead and buy it, but I am very superstitious. Even though I am confident we are pregnant I do not want to jinx us, so it will just be window shopping for the next 10 days!

We decided to go on a date to The Cheesecake Factory and it was AMAZING! I had a virgin piña colada and honestly it tasted just as good as the real thing! Chris had a Macaroni and Cheese Burger which looked like…there are no words…he said it was great and I will take his word for it! We spent some time walking around the mall. I think that was the best choice since it got me up and walking around to get blood flowing to my uterus, but it was inside so it wasn’t hot and I could sit down whenever needed. I did have to sit down a few times because I got hot flashes and then got dizzy. Not sure if that is the hormones or just the physical activity since I have been confined inside with limited movement for the past week or so. We did buy some comfortable shirts from our favorite bands at Hot Topic and then hubby treated me to some new makeup from Sephora!! After that I was pretty much beat so we headed home and rested the rest of the day.

The PIO shot tonight wasn’t as bad. I hardly felt it so maybe last night it was just too close to a nerve or a previous injection sight. We are both still extremely confident about this cycle. We have a calm and peace about us that I didn’t expect. It’s a nice chance of pace from my Type A personality! In 10 days we will know if we are pregnant or not! To some that seems like forever but to me that seems like such a short amount of time! So far neither of us have felt the stress of the 2WW (two week wait). Maybe it’s because we are naive since this is our first cycle doing any assisted reproductive therapy, but maybe it’s because in our hearts we already know! It also helps that my mom has come over the past 3 days and has cleaned and organized our house and done ALL of our laundry! That has helped me relax and focus on doing what I need to do to get these babies snuggled up nice and warm!

We are about to go lay down for an early Saturday night. It’s amazing the difference in enjoyable Saturday night from your early twenties to now! As I wrote this Chris is painting my toenails! Best. Hubby. Ever. Goodnight!! Sticky baby dust to everyone!!!


3 responses to “IVF#1 Two Days Past Two Day Transfer – 2dp2dt

  1. Amazing – a friend of mine recommend to me to visualise the embies hatching and implanting and there are a few great visualisation downloads u can listen to if you want (zita west and bree Taylor molyneux on iTunes)

    I am sending u all our unused baby dust to help too as we had total fertilisation failure this cycle – am devastated but truly wishing u all the luck and prayers in the world for Mildred and Ethel!

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    • I am so sorry to hear about your loss but thank you for the prayers! I have been wanting to look at visualization a especially since they hatch tonight! I will definitely look up your recommendations! Thank you!


  2. I’m so fricken excited for you!!!!!!! you being so tired could be your first pregnancy symptom!!! hehehe so happy for you I just want to give you a hug!!!

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