IVF#1 Egg Retrieval – Quick Update

I will write a longer post detailing my experience, but I wanted to let everyone know that everything went well. I am okay and at home resting. They were only able to retrieve two mature eggs so I am a bit disappointed and upset that I did not have more. I am in some pain and the anesthesiologist gave me some Dilaudid so I am about to fall asleep. Thank you all for the prayers! Please continue praying that both eggs fertilize and they grow steadily and become nice and strong!! 


10 responses to “IVF#1 Egg Retrieval – Quick Update

  1. Hoping your two little eggs continue to grow!! Sending you so much love and hoping you recover quickly.

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  2. Praying those eggs get fertilized and grow! You’re going to get your miracle soon!! I just know it!! Keep the faith!!

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  3. I’m sending you some good thoughts today! Rest up and stay positive!

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  4. Good luck for some fertilised little eggs#

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  5. 2 is a fantastic number!! Sending you quick healing vibes and baby grow dust! xoxoxo

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