IVF#1 Stimming Day 8 – We got this!

So Friday May 29 was stimming day 8 and I didn’t write a post because I had already written two regarding my follicle updates and I was feeling down and just wanted to distract myself with tv and movies. I have been watching a marathon of Real Housewives of Orange County to get ready for Season 10 premiere in a week. It always makes me feel better to watch trashy reality tv because it makes me feel better about my emotional state!!

Side effects were nothing out of the norm. Just the same old dizziness, nausea, ovarian pain, fatigue, tender breasts and diarrhea. It wasn’t too bad. I have been getting used to them! The shots went really well. The best they have been! We are getting this down to a science! I didn’t feel either shot and only felt mildly nauseous and dizzy afterwards 🙂

Only one more night of stimming!! SO excited!! We got this!


3 responses to “IVF#1 Stimming Day 8 – We got this!

  1. I love trashy TV too! I can’t wait for the new season of RHOC, it always makes me feel a little less crazy! 😜

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  2. It’s awesome that the side effects seem to be calming down a bit. I have been finding with Clomid that I do not feel as social and enjoy being on my own a bit more, but I think that is linked to my fear of being snappy with someone, plus I am so damn tired this cycle!

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  3. You got this!! Good luck!

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