IVF#1 Trigger Shot Time!

It is done! We triggered at 7:30PM tonight. I got the shot ready around 6PM so I wouldn’t have to see the needle before Hubby injected it. I set a timer for 7:15 and started icing my booty. I set another timer for 7:25. I swear that was the shortest 10 minutes ever! Hubby went and grabbed the needle and I had a mini breakdown. Then 7:30 rolled around and it was go time…

Our friend Jes came over to distract me. She was sitting on the couch and I went to the back of it, leaned over and put all my weight on my left leg. I wasn’t mentally ready but I knew there was no waiting. It had to be done then because triggers have to be times exactly. Jes distracted me with Buzzfeed quizzes. I didn’t feel much. I knew he had swabbed with the alcohol wipe because I felt him blowing on my skin to dry it. I felt the pressure when he pulled my skin taut. He aspirated to check for blood and we were in the clear so he injected. I didn’t actually feel anything until he was done. Right before he pulled out the needle I felt a lot of pressure from the medication and I felt overcome with nausea. Then as Hubby was putting the bandaid on I broke down and cried. I tend to do that when procedures or shots are over. I think it’s more of a release. 

I am currently curled up with my kitties with a heating pad on my booty. I am still nauseous so I am eating some peppermint sticks. I am so glad it’s over and we are one step closer!!! Another milestone towards our baby!!!


5 responses to “IVF#1 Trigger Shot Time!

  1. Ouch! It’s okay, it’s okay. You are exactly right it is another step towards your beautiful baby and will be completely worth every jab. I have no doubt I will be the same if we have to end up going through this which is a good possibility. I really hate needles… interestingly I don’t really have an issue with tattoos though… yes I am weird!

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    • I am the same way!! I have had 4 body piercings and I have 5 tattoos…I am fine with getting those! For me it’s the medical aspect of someone putting something I. Or taking something out of my body. That’s why I got so nauseous and freaked when I felt the medicine. It’s not about the pain for me. I mean, I don’t like pain, but it’s all psychological. And the shot last night you have to have more trust in your partner or the person who is injecting you. And since he had no training and has no medical background that kind of enhanced my fear! But he did a great job!!

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      • He’s a professional now 🙂
        Yeah I am the same, I freak out about medical stuff. It is completely psychological, when you think about it we are probably more likely to get an infection from a piercing or a tattoo hahaha.

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  2. Another step down! Sorry you cried but so happy that everything is moving forward so nicely.

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  3. So looking forward to an update. Hope all is going well.

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