IVF#1 Stimming Day 6 – Say What?

Today was a pretty uneventful day. I was able to work from home as I am too dizzy to drive. My main side effect is still dizziness/vertigo. It happens all the time. Regardless of what I am doing or how I am moving. The nausea wasn’t as bad today as it has been. The gas and loose bowel movements are still ever present, but I would rather it be this was than constipated as I have heard these medications can do.  Of course I am still bloated and now look about 7 months pregnant!

I didn’t sleep well last night because I kept getting woken up by little jabs to my ovaries. It felt like there was a tiny little elf with one of those plastic drink swords stabbing me in the ovaries. Not necessarily all that painful, but uncomfortable and annoying. I am going to say that is probably from the Cetrotide since I started that last night.  I also have been more emotional and weepy. I have gotten angry and some unnecessary things and cried for no reason on several occasions. I am anticipating that to get worse.

The side effect that has definitely gotten worse is this brain fog. I can’t remember things. Even as I am talking it’s not that I cannot remember what I’m saying, it’s I cannot remember the words to say it. It’s really weird. I will say the wrong word or the wrong phrase and can’t communicate what I am wanting to. Luckily it is just happening when I speak out loud. So with being able to work from home and communicating with my coworkers electronically this hasn’t been an issue and they don’t think I am crazy. Hoping that it stays that way and I am not required to speak during a conference call. Fortunately everyone at work knows what I am doing so they would understand.

So that bring us to tonight’s shots. I iced the right side for the Cetrotide and heated the left for the Gonal F. I was able to successfully mix the Cetrotide without losing any today (yay!). I had Chris inject the Cetrotide first because the needle is big and scary. Honestly I didn’t even feel it at all! I was amazed! The Gonal F burned a bit today and I’m not sure why, but it wasn’t too bad. I got dizzy afterwards as usual but I did also get hungry! I ate two whole servings of broccoli cheddar casserole! Which is fantastic considering with the nausea and diarrhea I have hardly eaten the last few days.

Tonight I am in better spirits then I have been. I am hoping for a good nights sleep! Next follicle check is on Friday! I can’t wait!

2 responses to “IVF#1 Stimming Day 6 – Say What?

  1. O the brain fog I am having this problem too I took me like 4 hours to work on my math homework because I kept having to look things up it was terrible lol…

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  2. Poor you! I felt really tired and couldn’t get enough sleep! It did get better for me… hopefully you’ll feel better soon.

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