IVF#1 Follicle Update #1 – Ultrasound and Bloodwork

This morning I got to go in to see how my little eggs are cooking!! We had the ultrasound first and here is the update:

  • 16+ follicles < 10mm on left ovary (don’t remember how many on right ovary)
  • 3 follicles at 10mm
  • 2 follicles at 12mm
  • 1 follicle at 13mm
  • 1 follicle at 14mm
  • Uterine lining 5.0mm

So all of that is GREAT!!!

Next up was the bloodwork and they tested estrogen, progesterone and did a CBC. I anxiously waited all day to hear the results and what the next steps are.

The nurse just called a few minutes ago and said that I am responding beautifully. She said I am her picture perfect patient! My estrogen level is 365 which is right where they want it and I have a great amount of follicles developing just as they are supposed to! I was worried that the 14mm one means I am overstimulating but she said it was about the quantity and not size and right now everything looks great! She said if I keep responding this way then we can do a fresh transfer and not a freeze all because I shouldn’t get OHSS! Yay!!!

Tonight we are to start the Cetrotide as well as stay on Gonal F 150iu. The Cetrotide is one dose per box. I get to get stuck with a needle twice!! So excited…especially after last night’s fiasco! I will be on these two meds tonight, tomorrow and Thursday. I go back in on Friday at 9am to have everything checked again. From there she said they will call in the afternoon to talk about retrieval!

Stay tuned for Day 5 update and how night 1 of double shots goes!! Side note: “double shots” has an entirely different meaning for me now than it did in my early 20s!!


7 responses to “IVF#1 Follicle Update #1 – Ultrasound and Bloodwork

  1. Yay!! I’m so happy for you!

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  2. Awesome numbers congrats!

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  3. Whoop whoop! 🙂

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  4. Great news! 🙂

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  5. That’s a great follicle haul!! Fingers crossed for you for lots of mature amazing quality eggs!!

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