IVF#1 Stimming Day 4 – Ouch!!!

Here is a brief update on today. It started out better than I have been. I had more energy, wasn’t as tired, wasn’t as sore and bloated. Or so I thought. This afternoon I started getting more headaches and dizziness. Oh the dizziness! I have had it on and off for days but I didn’t think that much of it because I get light headed sometimes just being me. I always have. Today was something entirely different. I had dizziness on and off for most of the day. At one point Cheis had to help me out of the bathroom and to the recliner because I felt like I was in one of those spinning tunnels in a Fun House. In addition to the dizziness, the nausea has become more persistent and relentless. I also cried because I was afraid Chris was mad at me for not wearing pants…yeah…that happened…

So that brings us to tonight’s injection. I don’t really know what happened that was different. Maybe it’s because we had to use two vials of medicine in order to get the right dosage and that dulled the needle but that injection HURT! It really hurt going in and stung for about an hour afterwards. The area is incredibly sore. I started crying after the injection and Chris helped massage it in. I asked him if he still enjoyed stabbing me with needles, he said he doesn’t like it anymore.

I am now laying down to try and get some sleep. Hoping for some good news at our monitoring check in the morning! Keep fingers crossed we got lots of follicles growing!!

5 responses to “IVF#1 Stimming Day 4 – Ouch!!!

  1. Sounds like today was rough I’m sorry! Hope tomorrows good news makes you feel better about all the injections and side effects… 🙂

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  2. Try changing to a new needle before you do the injection. It definitely does dull it when you have to mix and draw up meds. And I guess I felt like some days were worse than others for some reason. So sorry today was rough for you!

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  3. Poor you! I really think stims were the worst bit of it. Hope it gets better for you – I found it varies depending on days in my cycle.

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