IVF#1 Stimming Day 1 – Let the stabbing begin!

The day finally arrived! Last night we started the shots! The day felt like it lasted forever. I hated having to wait the entire day to do the shot. Anticipation is always worse. My manager let us leave at 1:30 to have a jump start on the holiday weekend so that was nice. I came home and mowed the yard and cleaned up the house. I think I was nesting.

We injected 150iu of Gonal F around 6 PM last night. Chris was so excited!! We reconstituted the meds and had everything ready. Our friend Jes was over for moral support and she was our videographer. Not sure if we are going to post the video yet or not. I freaked out a bit but we got the injection done. Chris did a good job and enjoyed every second of it! The next few hours I had a rumbly tummy and felt nauseous. Not sure if it was from the meds or from my anxiety. I tried to distract myself with Penguins of Madagascar.

We iced the area before the shot for quite a while and I think that might have impaired the meds from absorbing quickly because I became really sore around the injection sight. Like an area the size of a grapefruit around the site. It started hurting a few hours after the injection.


Pre-injection selfie

I typically sleep on my stomach so I tried sleeping on my back since my stomach was sore and everytime I fell asleep I automatically rolled over and the pain would wake me up. I will be sleeping in the recliner tonight!!

Stay tuned for Day 2!!


3 responses to “IVF#1 Stimming Day 1 – Let the stabbing begin!

  1. Good luck for your cycle!! I never iced for my shots and had no issue maybe try without?

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  2. Best of luck with your cycle!!!

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