IVF#1 The Day Before

I don’t even know if I can coherently express my feelings over the past few days. But here it goes!


Since coming back from ROTR both Chris and I have been sick. We live in the Ohio Valley, which if you don’t know, is the worst place for people with allergies. My throat started hurting on Monday and Chris’s started Tuesday. We have both been miserable with sore throats, sinus congestion, lethargy, headaches and body aches. Chris has been worse than me and he went to the doctor yesterday just to be on the safe side. We don’t want anythingn delaying this cycle and we keep gettig thrown curve balls! The doctor went ahead and prescribed him a Zpak as a precaution due to our cycle starting. He did ask the doctor about me and the doc said since I am not as bad to just treat the symptoms. So it’s been lots of fluid, rest and mucinex for me. We have been going to bed at like 7pm!!

Today we are both feeling better and I think are on the mend! Thank goodness! On top of the sickness, AF decided to show up. She started a little on Tuesday but came full force yesterday. Maybe it’s because of being on consecutive birth control for 6 weeks or maybe my body knows it’s preparing for a baby. Whichever it is, this AF is awful! Not only is it bad physically, but I have definitely had more mood swings than normal. So that coupled with being sick has made me REALLY fun to be around the past few days. 

I have gone from feeling in pain and frustrated to feeling loving and maternal and taking care of sick hubby. I have been so physically tired but unable to sleep. At times I have felt lonely. Today I felt scared. I still feel scared and anxious. I also feel excited and hopeful. Admist all of the craziness of emotions, I have also felt immense gratitude. Yesterday I was honored with a STAR award. These awards are given out to people who are nominated for their hard work. My boss honored me with one in front of my department for my hard work on a large project that we presented on last month to upper management. I was truly touched. It was completely unexpected and really made me feel appreciated. 

Today, just a few hours ago, I got upset and started crying for virtually no reason at all. Then again cried 30 minutes ago. I am now eating all my feelings with Chinese food. Hope to get some sleep tonight because tomorrow our life changes!! Here we go!!


9 responses to “IVF#1 The Day Before

  1. We are twins! I have been sick with the same thing and started a Z pack on Monday. We both start our injections tomorrow too!! I Hope you both feel better soon! I’m so happy to have a cycle buddy to go on this crazy journey with! We are both going to get our miracles soon! I just know it!

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    • Where are you located? I am in Louisville, KY. Would it be super weird to exchange email addresses or phone numbers to text? I feel like it would be a huge help to keep in touch with you while we go through this together. Be a support, compare side effects, complain to each other, etc. Totally understand if you don’t want to, but I think it would be awesome!


  2. Are periods are treating us the same! I was just saying this morning to the hubby that I haven’t had one this painful in a while… I had a feeling because the last one wasn’t bad at all even kind of light but this one has been the opposite all I wanted to do was lay in bed!!! I hope you are feeling better! There was a guy in my Math class today that was coughing and left early due to being sick and I came straight home and pumped in some vitamins! Let me know how it goes tomorrow!

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  3. Before I started trying for a baby I did not like AF at all, I never thought about the fact I could grow to hate it. I have found that everything to do with AF seems on a much higher scale since starting medications and whatnot and I am just not a fun person to be around so I basically withdraw from everyone for a few days and binge watch netflicks 🙂
    This cycle has been really emotional for me and I don’t know why things that would normally slightly annoy me (like Hubby having to miss our “bed date” because he got an emergency call from work) are all of a sudden something I find really upsetting. That exact scenario happened the last 2 nights and last night I wouldn’t even really talk to him when he eventually came to bed after 2am, he tried and all I said was, “you have to be kidding. I have to get up in 5 hours”. I felt really bad about that this morning so tried to be super nice to him before I went to work.
    Damn hormones!

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  4. I’m so sorry that you had to start the cycle off sick! It’s good to hear that you both are feeling better though! I will say that I was on continuous birth control for 7 years (only had 5 periods that whole time) and when I came off of the pill completely in May 2013 it was by far the worst period of my life.

    Good luck on this upcoming cycle. I can’t wait to hear how things go!

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