IVF#1 Antral Follicle Count and Baseline E2

Chris and I had a bet. Because of my high AMH and the high amount of follicles on the ultrasound for the SIS we had a feeling there would be quite a few antral follicles…

Chris bet the left ovary would have more. He also guessed I would have more than 30 antral follicles all together. I guessed I would have 23 follicles. Well…Chris won! My left ovary definitely had more with a whopping 22 follicles and my right wasn’t far behind with 16.  That is a total of 38 follicles!! For those that might not know, that is a LOT. When the nurse called to talk to me she said that it was a “crazy amount”! Most women my age have between 15 and 20. So that’s good! That means that we will hopefully get a lot of eggs during egg retrieval. The down side is…I am about to feel AWFUL with the stimulation injections. I will basically be developing twice as many eggs as expected. That also puts me at even MORE a risk for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

Antral Follicle Ultrasound

The nurse called not too long ago to let me know that my E2 baseline was 38. So my ovaries are nice and suppressed and we are given the all clear to start injections on Friday. She said I am going to need to take it really, really easy because with this amount of follicles I am going to feel all the side effects of the medication times two. In addition, I am not really supposed to do much exercise or anything strenuous as even daily activities could cause damage to the follicles as they grow since there are so many and they will be cramped. I plan on finding a nice spot on the couch and working from home most of next week.

One more step towards our baby!!



9 responses to “IVF#1 Antral Follicle Count and Baseline E2

  1. 38 follicles?! Wow! I hope everything keep moving forward smoothly! 🙂


  2. I just went through the similar thing! Lots of Gatorade! You’re going to do just great! 🙂 And YAY for so many chances for eggies!!!

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    • I have been reading your blog but I would love to hear more about your experience with OHSS. What your symptoms where. How long after injections did they start. Any advice you can give me aside from drink, drink, drink? My doctors are pretty convinced I am going to overstimulate but I am bound and determined to prove them wrong! I want to know what to look out for since the symptoms of OHSS are so similar to the general feelings one has when stimulating anyways. How did you know? Did you know before your doctor told you? I’m sorry for the 100 questions!

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      • For me it didn’t happen until 3 days before my retrieval. One of my ultrasounds showed a lot of follicles measuring pretty high already (17, 18-20mm) and I thought…”oh boy, I have 4 more days to go and they grow 2mm per day give or take.” I knew it wasn’t going to be good. Then they lowered my dosage on a Wednesday but I woke up the next morning feeling like gravity was pulling my uterus down and the rest of my body was going in the other direction. Like I was carrying a 15lb weight inside my hoo-ha. I was buckled over like an 80 year old needing a walker and got tired very quickly. The only thing that helped was laying down and not moving, napping, and drinking gatorade mixed with tap water (for sodium). On the Saturday following is when they did my egg retrieval and almost instantly, I felt better. So it was instant relief (thats a good thing!) Plus I was going crazy on the water/gatorade mixture that I’ve bounced back pretty well. I didn’t have any signs during the months of injections, it was just towards the last few days when the follicles were really large. I hope this helps!!!

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  3. That’s great news!
    Take it easy and make sure your husband is pampering you for the next few days 🙂 x

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  4. This is amazing news! So happy for you!! Take it easy, girl! Praying for good development 😄

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  5. woohoo! Look at you growing all those follies!!!! Just remember the injections are one step closer to babies! Best of luck!!!

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  6. Fantastic news. Hope the next stage is not too close on you physically. However, one step closer. Xxx

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