Bye Bye Birth Control

Today is the last day of birth control!! Yay!! We are so close to starting our cycle!! Tomorrow we are driving home really early since Chris has to go give another sample. Praying for swimmers!!! I can’t tell you how many of my nightly prayers revolve around sperm. It’s a weird place this whole infertility thing takes you…

I go in on Tuesday morning to have my baseline E2 and ultrasound done!! Hopefully tomorrow afternoon we will know if we have swimmers!! Fingers crossed!! And if all goes according to plan we will start stimming on Friday!! YAY!!

3 responses to “Bye Bye Birth Control

  1. I’m praying for good swimmers for y’all! If my ultrasound and blood work go well we will start stimming Thursday so you and I will only be a day apart! 💗

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  2. Come on swimmers! Fingers crossed 🙂
    Yes, we hope and pray for some interesting things whilst on this journey. My current ones surround praying for lots of follicles/eggs hahaha.

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