Are You Kidding Me?!

Life can play cruel jokes sometimes. The last 24 hours have been awful. The lack of sleep, worry and constant pit in the bottom of my stomach…

Then the nurse calls at 1PM today and is very apologetic…SURPRISE!!! The clinic made a mistake and the sample was processed incorrectly!! They apparently processed it as a straight semen analysis instead of an IVF back up sample to bank. In the microscopic world of processing sperm apparently this is a big deal. They are processed two completely different ways and just because the SA said there was no sperm does not mean there was no viable sperm for ICSI in the sample. Of course that sample is now discarded and unusable so Chris goes back in next Monday to give another IVF back up sample. I am relieved, happy and cautiously optimistic.

Please send lot of prayers and good vibes over the next week that we have viable sperm!! And thank you for all the kind wishes, support and hugs over the past day. They truly mean so much! I am so thankful we are going away this weekend. Hopefully it will help get our mind off of everything and we can start next week with a fresh positive attitude!


12 responses to “Are You Kidding Me?!

  1. 😃 I am literally dancing around my kitchen for you right now!!! This is amazing!!!!!! All things are possible through God. Sending continued prayers and love!

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  2. This is awesome news!! I’m so hopeful for you!! 🙂

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  3. Oh my word! Ridiculous but of course, awesome news!!

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  4. Everything crossed for you that it all goes well xx

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  5. What??????!!!! Oh my goodness, this is crazy. I’m feeling for your sanity right now! Thank goodness they realised their mistake 😐 this is definitely good news though!

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    • Right now I feel like I have taken crazy pills. My emotions are all over the place from sadness to giddiness. I am so glad I am not already on the hormones. I might have turned into the Hulk on the poor nurse!!


  6. This is fantastic news! How wonderful. Enjoy your relaxing weekend away. I am sure it will all be fine 🙂

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  7. Holy shit! What the hell. I certainly hope they find sperm next time and don’t fuck up again. :/ Sending lots of good vibes your way.

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  8. So pleased you got some more optimistic news. Sending lots of sperm boosting vibes!!

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  9. What a roller coaster!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good news 🙂

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