Who run the world? GIRLS!!


I love being a girl, especially a girly girl. I have my tomboy side. I have helped build houses, fixed cars and built furniture. But I LOVE being a girly girl! I love jewelry! I just bought my first necklace from Chloe + Isabel a few weeks ago when I ordered my IVF care package and I am in LOVE with it! 


When Carrie asked if I wanted to host an online party it was a no brainer!! I get to show all my ladies this fantastic collection, help a friend out with her business and (most importantly) I get some free jewelry out of it! The more you buy, the more credits I get towards some of these amazing pieces and let me tell you, nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than some bling (well, and a baby, but we are working on that).

So, if you feel like treating yourself or a special gal in your life to a nice surprise, check out Chloe + Isabel. That link will take you directly to my friend’s page. If you see something you LOVE and want to get it, just make sure Aimee Hinote Woodard is listed as host so I can get credit! 




One response to “Who run the world? GIRLS!!

  1. You are a jewelry girl after my own heart hahaha. I LOVES my jewelry, I think it drives my Hubby a bit batty sometimes because he thinks I have too much LOL.

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