My Husband Can’t Wait to Stab Me with Needles…

…and he won’t have to wait much longer!! We ordered our meds!!

It’s happening…it’s really happening!! There were so many instances over the past few weeks where our cycle could have been delayed and by the grace of God we have gotten this far without any hiccups or snags!!

SMP Fertility called us this afternoon to go over all the medications and the price. Thank goodness for the Compassionate Care Program 25% off!! We are so blessed to have qualified for it! Due to my PCOS, high ovarian reserve and AMH, I am at extremely high risk for OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome). This means I will be on a low stimulation protocol which means….less needles and less medications!!! Woo hoo!!! Okay, so here is my meds list:

  • Gonal F Rediject 450iu Pen x 3
  • Cetrotide Prefilled Syringe x 6
  • Lupron Trigger (free of charge!!)
  • HCG Trigger
  • Valium
  • Doxycycline (antibiotic)
  • Pain medication for after retrieval

   No Menopur or Bravelle!! Super excited about that!!

As you can see there is no estrogen or progesterone in that medication list. This is because I am at such a high risk of OHSS that we are basically going into this with the thinking of freezing all embryos and doing a FET next month. If it turns out I am not overstimulating they will overnight me Vivelle Dots and Progesterone in Oil to take before the transfer.

All the oral meds will be called into my local pharmacy closer to our cycle but the other medications are being prepared on Monday and should arrive Tuesday so we will have them in hand before we go out of town which is a huge relief. We have a very short amount of time once we get back that I wouldn’t have been comfortable waiting!

So exciting!!! I am so relieved to be on a low stimulation protocol and I am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for no OHSS and a fresh transfer!!!

Much love and baby dust!

– A


19 responses to “My Husband Can’t Wait to Stab Me with Needles…

  1. SO exciting! Good luck 🙂 my hubby was also strangely excited about giving me needles lol

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    • It’s weird isn’t it?! I mean, on one hand I am thankful that he is not squeamish and is willing to do it for me since I can’t do it myself…but on the other hand I would hope there would be a little hesitation about jabbing the woman he loves…maybe a little less joy in the prospect of it. It’s kind of creepy but I’m glad I’m not alone!!


      • Wait till he has to actually do it, my hubby was a little hesitant when it actually came to plunging the needle in. I was actually happy to do my own but he was so keen to be part of it I let him take that role!

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  2. Sending you all kinds of good vibes and lots of love! I hope it’s smooth sailing for you and you don’t have to deal with OHSS!

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  3. Very exciting! Happy to hear it’s all worked out so far! On to the next step you go! 🙂

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  4. woohoo the meds are on their way!!!!! soon you will be getting stabbed hooray!?!? my protocol got a little changed up so we are hoping with all hopes that we don’t have to order any extra meds then what we have already paid for this stuff is not cheap! We got the same discount and it makes a world of difference!

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    • It really does!! Hopefully you won’t have to get more meds! I am hoping the same for us because my med haul is the least amount of IVF meds I have seen of anyone’s. I was like…really? That’s it?


  5. Lots of love and baby dust! My husband was excited as well, and thankfully so cause I didn’t think I could give myself injections, he was a champ! But there came a time I had to do a few myself and I freaked but when I thought about what we could gain after all of this it was easier for me. Xoxo

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    • It’s encouraging that you were able to get through giving the injections to yourself. I am sure there will be a time when I will have no choice but to do it myself and I hope I can actually do it!

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  6. So exciting!! I just got done with mine. Took my Lupon & HCG triggers last night. Worst cramping but totally worth it. My husband was oddly excited to give me my shots. But then I started giving them to myself. Silly boys!

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    • So you also had the Lupron trigger? I hadn’t heard of anyone having one until that’s what I was prescribed. Where you given it due to risk of OHSS? How long did the cramping last? Good luck and baby dust!! Hope your retrieval goes well and you get lots of healthy mature eggs!!

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      • Yes I had the Lupron trigger too! I had originally had ovidril, but I’m not sure why he switched. The cramping lasted until the retrieval. This morning before retrieval, I was flat miserable due to the cramping and the heavy feeling from my ovaries. I had 20 follicles and 18 mature eggs. Looking forward to the call tomorrow to see how many fertilized.

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      • Yay!!! I’m so excited you got so many eggs!!

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      • Me too! That number caught me off guard. It’s funny how I can’t ovulate on my own or even produce and egg myself…but with medication I feel like a sitting hen! I was hoping for at least 10! I’ll take 18!

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  7. How exciting! Fingers crossed for you!

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  8. Hi! I know this blog is a little older, but I just stumbled upon it and wanted to see how everything went after your second cycle? I just started my first – have been on Cetrotide since last week and will start the stim cycle on Saturday and have been fatigued and nauseous the last couple of days. Any advice?

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    • Hi there! Our second cycle resulted in two frozen blasts. One of which became our 1 year old some Caleb. Our 3rd retrieval in Feb 2017 also resulted in two blasts. We are preparing for another FET at the beginning of the year. The best advice is just listen to your body. If you need to sleep all day, do it. It will be hard but this too shall pass and the end result is so worth it. If your nausea is really bad, as for phenergan or zofran. Usually they will write a script for you. Stay hydrated. Drink lots of Gatorade or Pedialyte (less sugar). That will help prevent OHSS. Find something you can tolerate eating and just eat that. Get a heating pad or hot water bottle. My best advice is don’t do it alone. Find a support group on Facebook or download the Beat Infertility app. Incidentally my story will be airing on the Beat Infertility podcast this upcoming Monday. If you want to chat during your cycle, find me on FB and I would be happy to be a support for you. Aimee Hinote Woodard is my name on FB 😊


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