Angry Uterus

Disclaimer: Post contains TMI, you have been warned.


My uterus hates me…after the three procedures this month and all the poking and prodding, it has finally had enough. I think this is truly stemming mostly from the difficulty during the mock transfer. I don’t know if the difficulty was due to the procedure itself or the doctor that performed it since Dr. Ehlers performed all the others and this one was done by Dr. Hunter. He was a bit rougher with the instruments and didn’t really explain what was happening as he was doing it. He also kept jabbing my fundus (top of the uterus). Whether it was on purpose or accidental due to the way my uterus was tilting I don’t know…but every time it caused severe pain and cramping.

I started spotting on Friday. I had mild cramps, but nothing that concerned me until I used the restroom and saw the spotting. It was different than anything I have seen before. It was half “normal” cervical mucus and half brown with a big blood clot and bright red streaks of blood. I have consistently had that type of spotting since then. Sometimes there is more bright red blood than others and that is what is causing me some concern. If it was all brown or clotted then it would be old and I wouldn’t be worried that something is currently wrong. I have been monitoring myself for a fever to hopefully rule out any kind of uterine infection. 

Today has been the worst day so far regarding the cramping. It has been moderate to severe starting mid-afternoon and occasionally I have had sharp pains that make me jump a bit. I have been curled up on the couch with a heating pad. Chris has been amazing and doing the dishes and laundry so I don’t have to move and be in more pain. It has also made me nauseous, but that is not all the unusual for me because when it comes to pain I am typically always sick to my stomach. There hasn’t been much bright red blood today so maybe I am just healing. 

I am going to call the nurse tomorrow just to check in and describe what is going on. I am praying that Dr. Hunter didn’t perforate my uterus during the procedure last week with the jabbing of the catheter. I am hesitant to call because I don’t want anything to cancel our cycle, but I know for my safety and the safety of our future babies it is best to call.

Hoping I get some sleep tonight! Will keep everyone updated!

5 responses to “Angry Uterus

  1. I think its a great idea to call your doctor to check in. I so hope everything is fine!!

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  2. Oh this does not sound fun at all, you poor bunny. Calling the nurse certainly won’t hurt to check in about this. I hope this pain goes away soon. Big hug.

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    • Thank you! Btw I love that you are British! I do know the phrase about the pudding club because my mum is British! She is from Southport, where are you from?


      • Well that means you are effectively half British then!?!?! I am originally from London….many many miles South of Southport 🙂 I just read your post today, I am happy for you that the nurse considered things to be normal, its great that she made you feel comfortable about calling, I just hope your pain completely subsides :-s

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