Mock Transfer – Part 2

Finally we were taken over to the ultrasound room. I thought I was going to pee my pants my bladder was so full! On the way to the room Dr. Hunter stopped and introduced us to Dr. Christensen, the embryologist. He quickly looked over Chris’s most recent semen analysis results from February and agreed with Dr. Bohler’s recommendation to have a frozen sample on hand just in case. Chris will hopefully be taking care of that soon!

So the room we were taken to was not the normal type of room I was expecting. This is the room where they do the egg retrievals and the embryo transfers. It was cool but intimidating. The exam table was fancier and had the “calf” stirrups rather than the “feet” stirrups. There were many machines and Chris even pointed out a gas mask. I was asked to undress from the waist down and lay on the table. I jumped the gun and was already in the stirrups with the blanket on when the nurse came back in and apparently I didn’t need to be so “exposed” just yet. But hey…my modesty went out the door when we decided to go on this journey.

First thing she said as she scanned my abdomen with the ultrasound was just how full my bladder was! I told her I followed her directions! She wanted me to try and empty a bit out but I told her that once I opened that door there was no stopping it so we just had to work with it. She was having a hard time seeing my uterus since it is retrograded and went ahead and brought Dr. Hunter back in. I made sure to inform him of my newly discovered fear of tenaculums and made him promise not to use one. He got right to work and in went to speculum. As the nurse was trying to find my uterus with the ultrasound again, Dr. Hunter turns to her and says “I’m going to need you to go get me four extra large tenaculums.” I am pretty sure all the color drained from my face. Chris started laughing and it took me a good 15 seconds to realize that the doctor had made a joke. Obviously he has never been up in the stirrups because all women know that is not a great time to joke around. When I realized it was a joke I started to laugh…then almost peed on the doctor…okay I lied…I peed on the doctor a little bit, but let’s be honest he kind of deserved it. One doesn’t joke about tenaculums. If you don’t have a cervix, you don’t know.

So now the fun part. In went the catheter. Maybe I just have a really sensitive cervix, I don’t know, but it hurt bad. I was squeezing Chris’s hand so hard I turned his thumb purple. I have small hands so actually I was just squeezing his thumb…anyways…then the catheter hit my fundus. (Fundus is the top of the uterus and causes severe cramping when touched as the uterus wants to expel what is touching it. It is also a hilarious word to me and I enjoy saying it). I had such bad cramping that I saw stars. I was hoping it would be over quickly…alas my uterus did not want to cooperate. According to the doctor, it was plunging straight down. After several minutes of trying to get a picture of the catheter in my uterus and several more fun jabs to the fundus, Dr. Hunter decided to give up for the day. They can do the embryo transfer by feel without ultrasound guidance they just prefer to use the ultrasound. When my ovaries are big from the stimulation medications there is a chance they will push the top of my uterus up so they are going to try and get a picture during the egg retrieval. The nurse told me that was the last procedure I would have to have without medication! Thank God! All the scary procedure are over and now we came start the real deal!!

More updates to come! Stay tuned! Still have a lot to catch everyone up on!


2 responses to “Mock Transfer – Part 2

  1. He totally deserved to be peed on for that! Not a funny joke at all, those things are scary! Good to know all procedures from here on out are medicated!

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