Mock Transfer – Part 1

Today we took another step closer on our IVF journey! FYI when doing a mock transfer or embryo transfer your bladder must be full. Uncomfortably full. It was much more comfortable during the conversation with the doctor for me to sit in the normal chair, so Chris had some fun on the exam table…

We met with Dr. Hunter as Dr. Ehlers was out of the office. We went over all my bloodwork so I finally got to hear the results from the 12 vials of blood. I learned that I was wrong about two things I thought I knew about myself. Apparently I am AB+ blood type like my mom. I am the universal reciever. I always thought I was A+ like my dad.  Also, I am not 5’4″, I am actually 5’5″!! I am a whole inch taller than I thought! That also means that I am now under the BMI threshold to do the cycle!!

We went over all my hormone levels and everything was in normal range which even surprised the doctor since I have PCOS and some levels can be out of whack. We asked a bunch of questions, but mainly wanted to know what the medication protocol would be. Dr. Hunter said we should know by the end of the week and be able to go ahead and order the medications.

Speaking of medications…I found out today that we were approved to recieve 25% off our fertility medications by EMD Sereno Compassionate Care program!! This is a HUGE relief as they are so expensive! It doesn’t cover every medication, but it does include the big three that I will be on: Cetrotide, Gonal-F and Ovidrel. We will find out dosage information, schedule and cost later this week and then get then ordered.

In addition, Chris has to go give a backup sample since his counts are so low. They will do another semen analysis and then freeze the sample in case there are not any viable sperm in the sample given the day of egg retrieval. He has only had the one analysis done in February since his bilateral varicocelectomy, so hopefully those counts have gone up a bit! Fingers crossed!!

Stay tuned for Mock Transfer – Part 2 and several other posts! I was extra busy with work this week so I haven’t had much time to write but there is SO much I want to update everyone on!


4 responses to “Mock Transfer – Part 1

  1. Oooo it’s getting closer so exciting!!! I messed up on my bc and ended it on the wrong day now I’m back to square one with the BC so who knows we might end up cycle buddies 🙂

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    • Sorry to hear you are postponed but I am excited to be cycle buddies! I have my schedule and will post that soon. I start stimming on May 22nd. When will you start now?

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      • I start the lupron injections on the 12th but I’m on a longer protocol… so I will be ending birth control the 17th and starting gonal f and menopur day 3 of my next cycle so probably right around the 22nd or so not exactly sure but we will be there right around the same time 🙂


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