Saline Infused Sonohystogram (SIS) Results!!

Update! Forgot to show the socks I chose! 

Today was the second (and last) procedure to clear us for IVF. It was a Saline Infused Sonohysterogram, which is basically a really long name to say they had to put saline in my uterus to see if there were polyps, scar tissue, fibroids, or anything else that might prevent a baby from implanting.
I went to this one by myself as Chris couldn’t get off work. I wasn’t as nervous. I called the nurse on Saturday and again yesterday to make sure they would NOT be using the claw of death aka tenaculum. I was assured they would not. However, when I get back into the room, what do I see on the tray?…

Yup that’s the tenaculum. The nurse a assured me that it’s just standard to put it out. Luckily they didn’t have to use it.

Before the doctor came in the ultrasound technician took some pictures of my uterus with the transvaginal ultrasound. I have a retrograde uterus meaning that it tilts backwards. Today it just so happened to be tilting very far backwards so it was a little harder to get the pictures she needed. She also took pictures of my ovaries. My right one had 14 follicles and my left one had 18. That’s a lot. Women without PCOS typically have around 8 and anything about 12 is considered suspicious of PCOS. It bodes well for getting a lot of eggs though!

An ovary. The dark spots are follicles.

After the ultrasound technician was done she went and got Dr. Ehlers. Just like with the HSG, she inserted the speculum and swabbed my cervix with iodine. She inserted the catheter which was painful, but not as painful as the tenaculum. The speculum was then removed and the transvaginal ultrasound put back in. Dr. Ehlers then put some saline into my uterus. This caused some cramping. Apparently there was a balloon in the catheter because she kept having to pump it up and add saline since my uterus was tilted backwards. She told me everytime she was going to do this and it hurt very badly each time. The whole procedure took about 10 mins or so and there was immediate relief when the catheter was removed (which didn’t hurt at all). Dr. Ehlers said everything looked really good and there were no polyps or fibroids or anything!!

So what’s next? Well I am all checked out and there are no issues with me or anything that needs to be fixed, so we are cleared for IVF (provided I continue to lose weight – I am down 5 of the required 12lbs). We meet with Dr. Ehlers next Tuesday to discuss our IVF protocol and our cycle!! It’s getting more real each appointment!


7 responses to “Saline Infused Sonohystogram (SIS) Results!!

  1. So happy that you survived the test and that your results are awesome!! I’m so excited for you to get started with the next steps! 🙂

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  2. Great news!! I also have a retrograde uterus! It didn’t cause any problems in my HSG or SIS, but it took a while to get the catheter in the right place for the transfer.

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  3. That’s fantastic news! So happy for you.
    Randomly I have had a couple of technicians tell me I have a very nice uterus… I guess this is a compliment? So strange. Last time I asked if she could see the “for rent” sign in there. She looked at me for a second then burst out laughing, she said she has never had anybody joke about their uterus or infertility before.

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