It’s HSG (Hysterosalpingogram) Time!

Today is the day…the scary test. I. Am. Terrified. We are currently sitting in waiting room and each minute that passes feels like an eternity. The anticipation is always the worst part. We have been here for almost an hour and I am 1.5 Valium down. Still have .5 a pill left to take of I need to. Currently I am sick to my stomach and just anxious. Nothing can take my mind off what is coming. I have been promised Panera when this is over so that is what I am trying (unsuccessfully) to focus on. I have on my Hakuna Matata socks, Toothless (How to Train Your Dragon) shirt and my St. Gerard pendant. He is the patron saint of Motherhood and Childbirth. I am trying to make this journey as pleasant and lighthearted as it can be. I am so glad I took the rest of the day off so I can just curl up on the couch and sleep. If they don’t take me back soon this Valium may put me to sleep. Seriously wish they used sedation for this test. From everything I have heard I don’t understand why they don’t!

Trying to distract myself in any way possible! I am probably being a big ole baby and this will be fine. Fear of the unknown. Anyways, I will keep everyone updated! Hopefully this is over soon!!

Much love and baby dust!

– A


2 responses to “It’s HSG (Hysterosalpingogram) Time!

  1. It’s really not that bad! Especially if you have valium. All of the awful experiences I’ve read about were without. It’s also over super super quick. You got this. 🙂

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  2. Thinking about you and hoping the test was not that bad and that your insides looked good! I did mine without Valiuum and even forgot to take Tylenol and I survived pretty unscathed, so I’m sure you’ll do great!

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