Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) Results!!

It’s over!! The scary test has come and gone! So here is the lowdown…

We sat in the waiting room for about an hour and a half because of mixed up paperwork. Each minute I got more and more nervous. The nurse finally came and called us back. At first she didn’t know if Chris would be able to stay with me but I insisted.

We were taken into a room with a large, high bed with a bunch of machines attached to it. I immediately noticed there was a window to another room (where they take the pictures) and it was conveniently at the table end where my hooha would be seen. I was asked to disrobe from the waist down and put on a gown. The nurses liked my socks!!

Once I was changed, I came out and laid on the bed. The first thing I noticed was Chris wearing a lead apron that was blue camouflage. It was cute! I wish I had taken a picture! When I laid down I had to prop my bottom up on an upside down bedpan and there were stirrups to put my feet in. I was glad I didn’t have to scoot all the way down and be in a frog position like many women have said they have had to do. Dr. Ehlers was the one doing the procedure so that made me feel more comfortable. There were about 4 other women in the room. I am assuming they were students or interns. I figured going through this whole process I might as well just check my modesty at the door.

The procedure started very quickly. The doctor put in the speculum which felt a lt bigger than the normal annul exam speculum so that caused some discomfort. She swabbed my cervix with a cleaning solution which just felt weird. Then came the doozy I was not expecting. Something I had not read a lot about. It’s called a tenaculum and it basically a pair of forceps with hooked ends that is used to hold your cervix in place. That was one of the most painful things I have experienced in my life and I have had my fair share of gallstone and kidney stones. I have been trying to think of ways to describe the pain but I can’t come up with the words. As soon as she had my cervix steady she inserted the catheter which cause heavy cramping briefly and then just pain. At this point I was squeezing both of Chris’s hands for dear life and I was apparently shaking my arm so bad he had it forced against the table.

She said she was about to inject the dye and I prepares myself for the worst. This was the part that wveyone said hurts the worst. It took a few moments because they had to adjust the x ray screen and some machinery. I was watching the monitor to distract myself and also see if I had any blockages going on. I was expecting her to say again when she was injecting the due since there was a pause to fix the equipment. As I was looking at the screen I started to see the dye fill my uterus and I asked her if she had started injecting it. She said she had. Lo and behold, I didn’t feel the dye at all!! No intense cramping or more pain. Granted I was still in a lot of pin from the tenaculum but at this point I realized this was the worst t was going to be. Within 30 seconds it was done and she removed the catheter, tenaculum and speculum and I was able to sit up. Chris took a picture of the screen:

The two pincers at the bottom? That is the tenaculum


My uterus looked good and my fallopian tubes are wide open! No blockages! So we are one step closer to starting our IVF cycle. One more hurdle down! Next up is the SIS on Tuesday. It is supposed to not be as painful! Fingers crossed! Thank you everyone for all the love and support! I have been cramping somewhat intensely since we left the hospital so I am curled up with a heating pad. I think it’s nap time!!


Has anyone had a tenaculum used during an HSG? Has anyone had one used during an SIS? Please let me know!

Much love and baby dust!

– A


10 responses to “Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) Results!!

  1. I’m glad to hear that you survived like a champion! And I’m beyond thrilled that your insides look perfect and your tubes are open!
    I also love that your husband was able to hold your hand through the procedure – our hospital didn’t allow Mr. MPB to join me for the HSG or SIS.

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  2. Hoorah that’s over with! Wtf I’ve never read about a tenaculum either. O.o That sounds absolutely horrible. My dr didn’t use one of those, thank god. I guess it just depends on your doctor. Glad the rest of it went okay and it was over real quick and your tubes are beautiful and open. 🙂

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  3. That’s great news!! It’s great that Chris was with you. I did all those appointment on my own. I did find the SIS to cause more cramping than HSG, but that’s just me. A lot of women found HSG to be a lot more uncomfortable.

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  4. I didn’t get the HSG because everything looked good on the sonohystogram but that was pretty darn uncomfortable (pain!!!) and I cramped for like 3 days but the dr said I’m placing the balloon in the cervix your going to feel pressure (more pain!!!) I was not expecting that and it hurt like a bitch I tried to stay relaxed because the more relaxed your muscles are the less it hurts but it was so hard to stay relaxed in frogger position!!! So happy one step down more to go1!!!

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  5. My SHG wasn’t as bad as I thought. Until I was walking to the car and bam it hit me all at once. I just had my trial transfer to see where they want to put the eggs come June and I’m going to prepare you that it hurts like a mother! I was in some serious pain. Glad that they give pain meds for the real deal! Good luck to you and baby dust!

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  6. Yay! It’s funny that we see stirrups and think it’s our lucky day 😉 glad everything went well!

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