Here We Go!

FYI, I am now singing N’SYNC while righting this blog thanks to the title I chose! And now you are too!

So yesterday was CD3 and as instructed I put in my Nuva ring and I called C, the IVF nurse, to schedule my HSG and SIS. I have been so anxious to get these scheduled and over with that I was almost in tears that it was CD3 and I could call her! I called at 8am and left a voicemail. A few hours go by and still no return call  I called her again a and got her voicemail so I hung up. I then became “that” patient. The one that constantly calls and bothers everyone. My coworker had to calm me down and talk some patience into me. Needless to say I went to sleep last night even MORE anxious because I couldn’t get them scheduled yet!

This morning at 8am I call the front desk and explain that I am calling to schedule these and C has not returned my calls, maybe she was off yesterday, but I need to talk to someone so they transfer me to Y. She was very nice and understanding. We got my HSG scheduled with radiology for this Friday April 17th at 7:00am. I told her how scared and anxious I am and she called in two Valium to my pharmacy to take that morning, along with an antibiotic that I have to take Thursday – Saturday. We also scheduled my SIS for next Tuesday April 21st. 

Provided these tests come back normal we are still slated to start our first cycle on May 22nd. I asked about the Lupron Long Protocol in case I was going to have to take Lupron injections out of town with me the weekend before May 22nd. She said they don’t typically do that protocol. They do the antagonist protocol where the ovarian suppression will take place the last few days of stimming. So that means less needles! Yay! I am all for that!

In addition, most of my bloodwork came back. Everything was great. All hormones within normal range. I passed my glucose tolerance test with flying colors so I no longer have to take Metformin. I was apparently misdiagnosed with insulin resistance last year. So that was good news!! We are just waiting on these procedures then we can have a medication protocol assigned and order our meds! It’s starting to become more and more real with every doctor’s appointment and test. I will be SO happy once this HSG is over. I can’t even describe how nervous I am!! I will be trying to lay low and be as stress free as possible these next few days. It will be over before I know it!


Much love and baby dust!

– A

4 responses to “Here We Go!

  1. I’m glad you got your appointments scheduled. In hopes of helping to calm your nerves I wanted to let you know that my HSG and SIS experience were not that bad. I had my HSG first and like you, I completely anxious about it, a nervous wreak in fact. I took the entire day off work even though my appointment was at 7am. In the end, it wasn’t that bad at all. A few seconds of pinching and otherwise just some general camping and mild bleeding afterwards. I could easily have gone to work right after without any problem. I’m not saying I’d sign up for one every day of the year, but it really wasn’t too horrible. And the SIS was even easier and less painful and no bleeding afterwards. But the SIS was oddly wet, which for some reason I wasn’t expecting. Both procedures were super quick, I spent more time in the waiting room then I did having the procedures.
    I hope your experience is similar, and that you get through both of them without too much pain.

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    • Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I went ahead and took the day off for the HSG since I will be on Valium and I am a big baby. For the SIS I have heard it’s not as bad so I do plan on going back to work afterwards. I have heard mixed things about the HSG and I feel that it might get a lot of bad hype. Not that it’s a wonderful experience or anything but most people say it’s not as bad as they feared. I really, really hope that’s true. I do not have the best track record when it comes to procedures of any kind. I’m sure looking back in it I will feel the same way but right now I just want to be put in a coma and wake up Friday afternoon with it all over with! Today I even tried to convince the nurse that I didn’t really need the test…she didn’t believe me.


      • I love that you tried to convince the nurse that you didn’t need the test! And I love even more that she didn’t believe you. 🙂
        I forgot to take asprin before my HSG and I survived, so I suspect the Valium will work wonders for you and you will be just fine.
        Wishing you the best on Friday!

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  2. Woohoo things are moving quickly and it will keep snowballing so buckle in for the IVF ride ps it has highs and lows… best of luck! Glad to hear you got scheduled in and everything is looking good and yes major yay for less needles!!!

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