OMG!! It’s a baby bunny!!

This weekend has been relatively uneventful. We have taken some time for ourselves and relaxed. It seems like everything is happening so fast that we just needed to pause and take a minute to live in the moment. Enjoy what is hopefully one of the last few weekends as a couple before we have a bun in the oven.

Yesterday we went to Best Buy and Chris bought a stereo system for the new SUV for his birthday. Then we went to Hobby Lobby (the greatest place on earth!) and I made out like a bandit. There was a 90% off of posters and prints so I stocked up to decorate the house! When we got home we did some yard work. I mowed while Chris weed whacked. I was mowing the back yard when I suddenly saw a tiny creature run out from under the mower!! I thought I had injured it. It looked like a chipmunk running away. It didn’t go very far and when I went up to it it let me pick him up!! It was a baby bunny!!

I yelled for Chris but he couldn’t hear me over the noise of the weed whacked and when I approaches him he immediately thought it was an injured animal. Thank goodness I hadn’t hurt it. It wasn’t injured, just a little scared. I showed it to Chris and immediately asked if we could keep it! Of course his answer was no. It was too tiny and needed it’s mother. Plus we already have five animals. We took it out back and released it where we thought it came from so t could go back to its mother. It was so cute!!

We finished mowing and then trimmed the bushes out front and fertilized the plants. Today we bought some snap dragons (my favorite) that I am going to plant in a window box. We also bought a small freezer chest in preparation for the amount of freezer meals I am about to make. We have spent the rest of the day lounging around cuddles on the couch together and we are currently watching Guardians of the Galaxy.

In other news, my monthly visitor has arrived! I have never been so happy to see Aunt Flo. Tomorrow will be CD3 and I will go on birth control and am to call my IVF nurse to schedule my hysterosalpingogram (HSG) and saline intrauterine sonogram (SIS). Those should be scheduled and completed this week. I will be so happy to get them out of the way because I am soooo scared!! Plus it is one step closer in all the tests and appointment that have to be completed before we can start our cycle. I am also down 5 of the 12lbs that I need to lose before we start!!

Here’s to hoping this week goes by quickly and we get these tests out of the way! Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!

Much love and baby dust!

– A


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