Faith, Hope and Love

And the countdown begins…this time in less than 24 hours we will know the next steps of our journey. Whatever those may be. With a lot of faith, a dash of hope and surrounded with love, we will start our journey 🙂


Sure, I have speculated and done research. I have an idea of our path and our timeline, but if there is one thing infertility can teach you, it is to expect the unexpected. Just as soon as you think you’re heading in one direction, another curve ball gets thrown in there and you feel like a lost lamb in the woods again. Let me tell you…I have learned WAY more about sperm, embryology, cervical mucus, follicular stimulation, hormone therapies, administering injections, medical conditions, medical procedures, legal issues and religious issues that I ever thought I would over the past few months. Also, freshman year Biology class did come in handy and thanks Dr. Bueker for making us memorize 200 medical prefixes and suffixes because I hate to admit it, but that knowledge sure did help. It is ingrained in me forever…

So here is how I hope tomorrow is going to go. Please feel free to laugh because nothing is ever this nice and neat. I hope we got in, meet Dr. Bohler, do an overview of medical history, maybe a brief physical or ultrasound and then discuss starting an IVF cycle and go over medications, dates, and get something on the books. Ok, go ahead, laugh…I know I am!! I know it’s not going to be that easy, at least a girl can hope! 

What I am hoping does not happen, is that he tells us we need to do several tests on me. I fully expect bloodwork and ultrasounds and am completely fine with those. However, there is one test that I really do not want because I have read how painful and uncomfortable it is…that would be a hysterosalpingography. Yeah, say that 10 times fast. Basically they would fill up my uterus and Fallopian tubes with contrast to see if everything is in working order. Doesn’t sound like a good time to me. Since we have to do IVF and my Fallopian tubes shouldn’t need to be involved at all, I am hoping we by pass that test. Basically I am hoping that I don’t have to have anything listed on this page, but I am not naive enough to think that I won’t.

The scariest part for me about this next step in our journey are the needles and the medical procedures. You would think by now after so many years of surgeries and chronic illnesses that I would have gotten used to being poked and prodded. To some extent I am. I am a lot better at blood work than I was and simple medical procedures don’t bother me. However…I am fully aware that part of this process involves self-administered injections. This is what keeps me up at night. After 28 years on this earth, I know, for the most part, what I am capable of and what is just plan out of the question. Me injecting myself with needles?….nope, nope, nope. Luckily Chris is very eager and willing to administer these shots. Almost too eager. Actually, the other day while smiling sadistically, he said he couldn’t wait to stab me with the shots…I should probably be creeped out, but mostly I am thankful that he will do it. In the event that the injections must be administered while I am at work, I have two coworkers who have experience giving shots and are willing to give me my injections. Believe me…I have thought this out and have a plan in place. Kidney stones? No problem. Gall stones? No problem. Self-injections? HELL no!!


Aww…look, they look so happy! That is NOT how we are going to look…this is a far more accurate depiction:  


Hopefully (fingers crossed) tomorrow everything goes perfectly how I predicted it and we leave with a list of medications in hand and a cycle start date! One way or the other, this time tomorrow we will know where we go from here!!

Much love and baby dust!

– A


9 responses to “Faith, Hope and Love

  1. We are getting ready to go down the long road of fertility doctors ourselves. I’m so TERRIFIED! I don’t even know why. Ugh. Thinking of you! Baby dust!

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    • It’s very scary. For me it’s fear of the unknown. I’m a planner and a fixer an obviously like things in my control. Tomorrow I will just be relieved to have direction. To know where we go down this road. Good luck and baby dust to you!! Keep your head up! The initial fears and worries do begin to subside once you start talking to doctors 🙂

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  2. Wishing you and your hubby the best on your journey, and of course lots of baby dust!

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  3. Best of luck! My pre-Ivf routine so far has been all the basic blood work and a sonohysterogram which was uncomfortable but the fact that I was on CD 5 an my periods can last up to 8 days I was still very much swollen and bloated from that so that could have made it worse but it was like a super uncomfortable pap smear then she set us up with financial consult from there we set up our other appointments and I got put on birth control pills still on the pill but I do have my list of 9 medications they will have me on…

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    • What meds are you going to be on? How long between your first ivf appt and the date scheduled for your first round to start?

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      • I’m not sure what it would be because we went in last June and found out all the tests we would need my insurance doesn’t cover infertility treatments so it all comes outta pocket but alot of the tests I was able to get through my regular obgyn and my ins. covered that…but in June they said the earliest would have been september but Dh had to have surgery around then so we waited til January to get things going but it’s about 3 months the first 2 months are to get all your blood work done during your cycle and then you need a month on Birth control that is my office’s general protocol I will be on 9 meds 4 are injectables the rest are oral or inserts… Have you gone in for any apts yet?


      • Just finished our first appt with our RE. It was a LOT to take in and process. I will update everyone after some lunch and a nap! I didn’t sleep a wink last night!

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      • I understand how that works best of luck on this adventure!!!


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