The Three Month Wait

Waiting…it is my least favorite thing to do. And here we are again waiting. Not one month. Not two months. But THREE months! It’s a good thing we kept ourselves busy otherwise I would be in a looney bin by now. Luckily we had several big events happen during the interim to keep us occupied. 

First, starting in November I began looking for my next venture within Humana. I was ready for a change and excited for a new challenge. Everything happened very quickly for me and by the beginning of December, after weeks of phone interviews, job shadows and several face to face interviews, I recieved two job offers. I chose the one whose work interested me the most and I am so glad I did! I love my job! I think I have the coolest job in my company, and I’m not just saying that, a lot of other people agree!!

Of course the holidays were a whirl wind as always. We hosted our first Thanksgiving this year in our new house. We made an entirely organic, gluten-free Thanksgiving dinner by ourselves!! It was a lot of work, but at the end of the day everything turned out great!! Except for this cranberry walnut bread thing that tasted like feet…but for our first Thanksgiving that ain’t bad!

Christmas and New Years were wonderful as always. On New Years Day we drove up to Sandusky, Ohio for my best friend’s wedding. I finally got K to take the plunge!!  We celebrated with close family and friends and then made our way back home. I should mention that at this time I was at week two of a four week long weird flu virus. At this point I had no voice so I’m really glad I wasn’t required to give a speech!!



The second week in January I started my new position in my new department so that kept me very busy for the remainder of the three month wait. During this time, Chris had seen how much Zoloft had helped me and he decided to go to the doctor and discuss it. He started on it and was feeling better within 10 days. We also started to notice some physical changes with Chris during this wait. He started to grow chest hair and his beard began to grow thicker and darker. He has gained about 25lbs in muscle mass without trying. Check out the before (right before surgery) and after (K’s wedding 2 months post op):


Pretty impressive, huh? It amazing what those little things they call hormones can do!

Stay tuned for the results!!

Much love and baby dust,

– A


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