The Results

February 13th, which just happens to be Friday the 13th, finally rolled around and it is test day. Chris went downtown in the morning and we knew they would have the results of the semen analysis that same day, however we would have to wait until our appt with Dr. Shep on the 18th to find them out. I felt eerily calm. I thought, what will be will be. This will determine if we can have a biological child of Chris’s or not.  At least we will know one way or the other. 

We made it through the weekend without trying to think about it too much but by Monday morning I just couldn’t wait any longer. I emailed my angel at Dr. Shep’s office at 7am asking if she could fax me the results as we couldn’t wait any longer. She immediately replied “What number would you like me to send the happy fax to? :)”. She said happy fax…HAPPY fax!! I was so excited I thought I was going to pee myself. It took 5 whole minutes for that fax to come through. I stared at that screen unblinking until it arrived.

Then all of a sudden…there it was!! The three month wait was over!! He was in the normal guidelines for most things, his motility was 70% which is AMAZING, but above all he had swimmers!!! There were not many… there were only 20 on the slide and sperm is usually measured in the millions, but THEY WERE PRESENT!! I was so happy I was crying and I was also surrounded by new coworkers in the office so it did get a tad awkward for a minute. I immediately called Chris to tell him. I don’t think it sunk in for him for several days afterwards. But that day I knew I wanted to do something special to celebrate, especially since he didn’t seem all that excited with the news. What better way to celebrate than with a cookie cake with sperm on it!!


No I did not make the bakery draw those on. That was his first question. 

So we celebrated my birthday the next day (17th) and then the following morning (18th) we headed to Dr. Shep’s office to see where we go from here. Dr. Shep was extremely pleased with Chris’s test results. He said for a condition of azoospermia this severe, a varicocelectomy only has about a 10% success rate!! He said that the count is not enough for IUI and that our only option for a biological child would be IVF with ICSI. He referred us to Dr. Bohler at University of Louisville Women’s Health. Dr. Shep is the best male factor infertility doctor in the eastern United States and people come from all over to see him. His opinion and recommendations hold a great amount of weight. He repeatedly said, although there are many fertility doctors around that we could see, Dr. Bohler is the one we need to see for our particular situation. 

We left Dr. Shep’s office with mixed emotions. There was some sadness and disappointment that we wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally after the surgery. There was also disappointment that we wouldn’t be able to go through less strenuous and less expensive ways of becoming pregnant with medical assistance. But admist all of that there was hope! I will be able to carry my husband’s child! That is a miracle! After a year of doubting and hoping and praying, we finally knew there was a chance! I immediately called Dr. Bohler’s office that afternoon and set up our first consultation. The earliest appt was April 2nd. As of writing this, that is two days away. Actually since out appt is in the morning, this time in two days we should know where we go from here and officially be starting our IVF journey. 

I am equally excited and nervous. I’m sure I will have to undergo several tests because we don’t know how much of a factor my own fertility is, specifically my PCOS. But due to the fact that we don’t have another option other than IVF with ICSI, I am hoping that we can start a cycle sooner rather than later!! Here goes nothing!! Now everyone is caught up we can embark on this journey together and hopefully find our happy ending!!

Much love and baby dust,

– A

4 responses to “The Results

  1. Congrats! Love the cookie cake!

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  2. this is so comforting to read! My husband’s varicocele surgery is scheduled for September 10- so we’ll have results around Christmas, and can figure out next steps for 2016… Anyway, baby dust to you!!

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    • When I was writing my What They Don’t Tell You About IVF, he wanted to add a few tidbits about his surgery. We knew there would be bruising, we did not know that his entire Johnson would become black and blue. We freaked but according to the nurse it’s completely normal! It went away within a few weeks. Also, they have to go through some nerves to get to them so there might be some numb feeling like inner thigh is asleep. It takes a while for that to get back to normal. But please don’t let those things scare you or him. It’s a relatively quick and painless surgery. Best of luck to you and your husband!


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